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We understand that in an increasingly interconnected and interdependent marketplace, a break in the supply chain can have dramatic consequences for manufacturers and their customers.

That’s why our underwriters combine current industry insight with historical experience to provide bespoke advice and cover, to protect manufacturers’ operations and reputations. We have specialist expertise in the following sectors:

we understand
we understand
Expert risk management

Our expert-led risk management programmes help manufacturers take a prepared and proactive approach to operational risk. And if the worst should happen, we provide a market-leading claims service* to ensure the fastest possible recovery from loss.

*Source: RSA Broker Voice 2018. Independently conducted by FWD Research

Our cover

Our underwriters apply industry expertise, experience and insight to flexibly combine cover options for any manufacturing operation, from a small factory to a major processing plant. These include but are not limited to:

Protection for buildings, stock, plant and equipment


Protection against interruption to the business following an insured loss


Cover to meet legislative requirements


Protection to liabilities for injury or damage caused by the business, or products, to individuals other than employees


Preventing or reducing losses in the event of imminent damage which is covered by the policy


Cover up to £500k where the insured had failed to advise us of changes to the sums insured


Protection against potential reputational damage


Cover for stock while not at the premises (includes full theft cover)


Protect your distribution network


Costs reasonably incurred in certifying and producing particulars and details in respect of a claim


Reinstating buildings and/or contents in a manner that reduces the impact on the environment even if it increases the costs of reinstatement


How we make the difference

Real Estate

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A proactive, preventative approach to risk

Manufacturers need to identify and manage risks before these can negatively affect operations, finances or credibility. Our expert risk consultants can guide manufacturers along the journey to a safer, stronger, more resilient business with pragmatic solutions – from sophisticated risk analysis to enabling compliance with sector-specific regulations and implementing robust business continuity management programmes.

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No.1 for commercial claims*

We’re proud to have been voted No.1 for Commercial Claims, recognising our ability to deliver a fast, efficient service before, during, and after a claim. From the express settlement of straightforward property claims to more complex claims requiring specialist handling, we minimise disruption to enable manufacturers to recover their operations sooner.

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48 %

of manufacturers have been subject to a cyber-security incident**

1 out of 2

cyber-security incidents lead to financial loss or disruption to business**

4 out of 10

cyber threats facing manufacturers are attributable to employees**

**EEF: Cyber Security for Manufacturing, 2018


Manufacturers face
growing cyber risk

Manufacturers may not regard their sector as a prime target for cyber criminals. But as operations increasingly depend on data and connectivity – from software automation and industrial control systems to Internet of Things sensors and cloud technologies – something as simple as a malware attack via email could infiltrate the entire production environment. So it’s crucial for manufacturers to safeguard their business-critical systems and the intellectual property that gives them a competitive advantage.

At RSA, we believe it’s vital these emerging cyber risks are explored as part of a wider insurance programme. Our Cyber Risk policy is designed to work alongside traditional insurance to cover manufacturers for all types of cyber risk, providing expert incident management response to limit the damage if an attack occurs, and financial redress for business interruption.


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